Akenehi began after realizing all the products I used had so many toxins, harsh chemicals, and carcinogens. I would like to know what I put into my body or what soaks into my skin is not going to have adverse effects down the road. So I began the road to creating and learning about more natural options. Now today I would love to share these wonderful products that I have been using with you!

We offer different types of products in our store. Not everyone loves the heaviness of pure butters and oils so we do offer some products that will appeal to those who are more accustomed to lotions versus butters. These products do contain an emulsifier to keep the oils and waters from separating as well as a mild preservative at a low strength to ward off bacteria, mold, and yeast. We don’t use a lot so the shelf life is only about 6 months.

We create products as you request them to ensure their freshness and we package into small containers so you will be able to use the products before they go bad. Even putting our fingers into the jars can lead to the spreading and creation of bacteria. That is why we sell small containers that won’t last you more than a few months once opened or using pumps and spatulas when possible so there is no contamination. Our “Pure” category will list all the products we offer that are 100% natural. These products are oil and butter based. Oils are great for us and when used correctly are effective and beneficial. They help to balance, hydrate, and even cleanse our skin.

My goal is to create products that are really good for you all the way around. I believe that natural is great but organic is even better so we use certified organic ingredients as much as possible. I have searched high and low to find reputable companies that offer the ingredients I need that are certified organic and that are of high quality. There are some things that I have not been able to find organic and still use but the majority of the product is organic and will be listed as so in the ingredient list.

My ultimate goal is to create a product that is pure, good for you, that is simple to use, that works, and is as natural as possible. Follow the blog as I will be adding informative posts on the products and the nature of how to properly use them.

I love feedback and always welcome suggestions. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts on our products. If you are interested in testing out new products that are in the creation stage please signup for our newsletter and check mark the box that says you are interested in giving feedback on new products.

I hope you stick around and enjoy the road to a more pure, simple, and natural way of skin care.