What do most people do with a bar of soap? You guessed it, clean yourself! Ok seriously, this is a great bar of soap and for best results we recommend getting the bar and your skin wet and then stepping away from the direct flow of water to create a lather. If you keep the bar of soap under the running water it will dissolve faster and you will go through your bar of soap a lot quicker. 
Want your bar last even longer? We already said don't leave it under running water for a long period of time, less is better, you only need it to be wet enough to build your lather. After use, place on a drying rack (container/soap dish that doesn't leave the bar soaking in water) and allow it to air dry. You will find these bars will last you quite awhile when used and cared for properly.
Now that you read all this great info, go forward and lather up with your favorite Akenehi soap bar.