body powder - Allure - scent #11 (vegan, all natural)

  • body powder - Allure - scent #11 (vegan, all natural)

body powder - Allure - scent #11 (vegan, all natural)


This Manly as Hell powder is designed for an active man who wants to feel and smell fresh. The scented powders leave a curious yet subtle smell that lasts as long as you do. Making it the best damn body powder in the world...Period!

it’s No bull shit  ingredients are top of the line, containing

No Corn powder, No Talc, and is Non GMO (we are doing our best to support small farmers)

Instead of inferior ingredients to save money our recipe uses high quality Arrowroot, Kaolin Clay, and Aspen bark.

Even our bottles are high quality durable aluminum you can recycle. A little bit goes a long ways, so our Net wt. 4 oz. (113G) bottles will be sure to last.

about allure body powder: (vegan, all natural)

contains a appealing blend of three essential oils! Patchouli, cedar wood, and burnt orange

Our awesome blend of the classics. We combined the pure, clean, and wholesome smell of cedar wood with the uplifting, spicy, and alluring scent of patchouli then topped it off with a curiously appealing and playful smell of mildly burnt sweet orange. What does this mean?  It’s an amazing kick ass scent sure to catch attention.  Most people try to use synthetic Patchouli oils to avoid the high cost and extremely unstable availability of the all-natural patchouli scent.  Not us! It’s no hold bars, all out! This is one off the boldest and appealing scents we ever created.

Disclaimer - Due to price fluctuations and availability in Patchouli Essential Oil, this scent may increase in price sharply from time to time, or be temporarily discontinued, until patchouli prices stabilize. Sorry but this is the cost of using top of the line choice ingredients!

Ingredients: Maranta Arundinacea Root (Arrowroot) Powder, Kaolin Clay, Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil, Pogostemon Atlantica (Cedar Wood) Bark Oil, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil, Populus Adenopoda (Aspen Bark) Extract