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Bar Soap Scent #043 | earthy + tobacco flower + musk + powder aroma

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An earthy, musk, powder, and sweet tobacco flower scented bar soap. Scent #043 Soap Bar is handmade and VEGAN and is possibly the world most subtle yet appealing scent. Hey its not bragging if its true!

Hands down one of our most popular scents be it bar soap, our body powders, bath products or beard oils, this one is always in demand.  Men and women alike love its unique, original, lush combination of scents that is one of the top sellers in our entire bath and body collection.

Bar Soap Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Calendula Flowers, Red Clay, and Mica.