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Wax Melts Scent #425 | citrus + fraser fir aroma

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Scent #425 - has a top note of citrus, wood undertones, & a blend of balsam and fraser fir core that will fill the air with the perfect out in the woods aroma. I love the smell as I walk through a christmas tree farm. The strong aroma of the fraser fir trees, the pine tress, and everything in between. It's a smell I look forward to every winter. If you love a good tree farm scent these wax melts won't disappoint. 

Wax melt clamshells are filled with 3oz's of scented soy wax.


Break off 1 or 2 cubes and add to the top of an electric wax melt (tart) burner as they melt the aroma will fill the room. 
The wax can be re-melted until it is no longer fragrant at that time dump it and start fresh with a new wax melt. 
If you are feeling adventurous you can use different melts together to create your own unique aroma.

Keep away from children & pets.

Hand poured with love in Hector NY

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